Apple iphone Birthday Party

Photo Mar 31, 4 26 08 PM (1)

Last year I threw Nate an Apple iphone themed birthday party for a few close friends.

He loves Apple. Like big time. Probably one of the biggest Mac, MacBook, iphone and ipad fans around. He’s brilliant at using all their products and always knows what they’re going to do before they do it. Okay, so maybe he is quite the nerd.

Then there is me. I like to throw parties. I wish I could throw more of them. I will find any reason to have a party…but with a theme. Every party has to have a theme. Like, it’s a must. It’s so boring without one. Especially nowadays with all the ideas swirling around the inter webs…especially with a special little site called Pinterest. Then there are dollar stores and clearance sections…really, there is no reason to not throw cute little parties.

I’m not sure why I never shared it, but now with his birthday coming up on Easter and I’m planning a little get together I thought I would share last year’s surprise party.  It wasn’t much of a suprise considering I can’t keep much from him, but he was a good sport. So were our awesome friends.

Because our little apartment wasn’t large enough to host a party and it was Noah Ark era with 3 months straight worth of rain back in country NSW last year, I couldn’t bare planning a party at the lake like I had anticipated. (The day ended up being gorgeous and sunny by the way) but I managed to get the party room at the local bowling alley.

Photo Mar 31, 4 23 31 PM (1)

Because I didn’t really know all the options for parties since I hadn’t been in Australia very long at that point, the bowling alley actually sounded quite fun, and it was!

Somehow I managed to talk them into letting me set up a “child” party so I could book the little side room so I could set up a table, and everyone could choose a small meal. It wasn’t anything fancy by any means and instead of them setting up with ballons and their typical party decor and bags and providing a cake, everyone got to choose from a hamburger, chicken burger, pizza or hot dog while they all came with fries and a drink and I got to decorate my way. It was a win, win for all 🙂 Hey, it was flashback to childhood…and everyone deserves to have a birthday party at the bowling alley once in their life!

I think there was about 10 of us, and it was the perfect amount of people. It was a Saturday night, and the whole place was dead! I guess I didn’t need the party room after all, but I’m a planner.

Photo Mar 31, 5 23 41 PM

It ended up being great fun and I’m glad bowling alleys still exist.

It was really a great budget friendly way of throwing a party where you had no clean up, and some one else fed you. I would highly recommend checking out local places like bowling alleys, or even mini golfs and arcades. Even for adults! Most will usually have little flyers of party packages they have, but it’s totally worth talking to the person in charge so you can adapt the party to your needs. More than likely, they’ll totally work with you.

Everything I made handmade, except I bought the cupckake toppers on Etsy. I made the banner and invitations, using my Cricut, while all the bits and pieces I bought at the dollar store and Michaels and brought back with me from my trip home to Cali.

Anyways, enough babbles…more parties!

Sadly, I forgot my camera…and had to use my iphone to take photos. Even more sadly, the iphone 3gs doesn’t have a good camera like the 4 & up models do. Boo!

Photo Mar 31, 4 24 21 PM
Photo Mar 31, 4 26 08 PM

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