Learning to speak Aussie: Australian Slang Dictionary


I met Hubby in Australia. I’d been here once before I actually moved Downunder after we got married. I thought, “No biggie, they speak English, I’ve lived there for a few months before- I got this!”

Heck no I didn’t!

Australian Women

First problem was the fact that when I did live in Australia, I lived in Sydney. No offense to my Sydney homies, but it ain’t the bush. It’s a beautiful city full of culture, but it does it no part whatsoever show the real Australia.

Since we lived in the country part of NSW I their learnt I was in for much more than I had bargained for. If I only knew! They really do speak their own language, especially ‘Bogans.’ So for all you people who are interested or who hope to travel down here one day I shall help you not get left in the dust!


But even if you do, don’t worry, I still use my own language…mostly to just annoy people. They always love to correct me, but I just say it my way over and over instead 😉

Australian Terminology (These are just the ones you’d use on a daily basis pretty much…)

Lemonade = Sprite (lemon lime soda)
Lemon Squash = A carbonated lemonade
Esky = Ice chest
Car Park = Parking lot
Tomato Sauce = Ketchup (and they say tah-mato not toe-mato, but they still say Po-tato….weirdos)
Service station or “Servo” = Gas station
Gas (for the car) = Petrol
Bottleshop or “Bottle-O” = Liquor store
Trolley = Cart
Pram = Stroller
Rubbish = Trash
Rubbish bin = Trash can
Toilet/Dunny/Loo = Bathroom
Arvo = Afternoon
Fortnightly = Bi-weekly
Bikkie/Bisquit = Cookie
Cuppa = Cup of tea
Brekkie = Breakfast
Morning tea/Afternoon tea = Morning or afternoon snack
Tea = Dinner/Supper
Chook = Chicken
Chrissy = Christmas
Fairy Floss = Cotton Candy
Pluto Pop = Corn Dog
Feral = Naughty
Lollies = Candy
Maccas = McDonald’s
Mozzie = Mosquito
Pash = A long passionate kiss
Prawn = Shrimp
Schooner = A size of beer
Snag = Sausage
Stubby = A bottle with alcohol
Stubby Holder = an insulated bottle holder
Sunnies = Sunglasses
Trackies = Track pants
Uni = University
Ute = Truck
Whinge = Complain

You memorize them all yet? 😉

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