…and then there was Perth

“Don’t sweat the small stuff… it’s all small stuff.”

What good came out of Hubs spending a few days in the hospital?

I got to see Perth for the very first time!

I think a city says something to you when you’re there for all the wrong reasons yet it still stands out that much to you, so much so that you don’t even want to leave.

I felt that in Perth from the moment I arrived. From the taxi ride at sunset from the airport to the hospital the first night to driving around Fremantle before we left; Perth felt like home. 

It’s the closest place in Australia that has felt like a calm version of home. It has an easily accessible city that drops you into many surrounding suburbs. Suburbs with malls, and grocery stores and all sorts of things in between. It was homey. It was so clean, so green, so fresh, friendly, laid back and beautiful.

I couldn’t get enough of it. And by the looks of its recent popularity, neither can others.

After we picked up Hubs discharge papers we walked back out outside and he walked up to the first taxi and said, “Take us to the best mall in town.” What?!

My husband is amazing!

The taxi driver took us to a Westfield. Weeeeeeeeee! Ah! It was beautiful. The last mall I’ve seen was Bondi Wesfield in Sydney back in May. We really had a great time just being silly. It felt so good to have my husband free. It felt good to have him standing up and hugging me. It felt good to lean up next to him and to kiss him on my tippy toes. No more of that hospital bed. It was one of those moments that felt like we were on our first date all over again.

After wandering for a bit, one of the employees at JB-Hi fi told us about a good restaurant that they all go too. A restaurant? Shut the front door! This night was only getting better. I have not been to what Americans call a “normal restaurant” in…forever. We’ve been to Hogs Breath once in Orange, other than that I hadn’t been to one since I was last home in January. In Australia most people go to Pubs for meals. Most pubs have “bistros.” This is where you order and pay for your meal at the counter and they give you a number and they bring your food to you at whatever table you decide to sit at. Then you have to go to the bar to get your drink. And usually you have to go to another area to get your cutlery and condiments. But since being in Karratha we haven’t even been to a pub yet.

Hubs was pretty keen on getting a rental car because I had already spent so much on taxis, that and because they discharged him so late we didn’t know when they were going to fly us home. So we went to the airport to get a rental car first, then drove back to the mall and went to a restaurant called Craftsman. We waited to be seated (squeeels) and we had a waitress bring our drinks and take our order. Hey it’s the little things in life people.

The food was delicious! I was half asleep on my date, I think it was after 9 p.m. by that point and I was done for since I didn’t sleep the night before. I managed to eat it all and stared off into space. I had chicken parmigiana (that’s usually Hubs fave) and he had gnoccis. They were seriously good. Some of the best chips (fries) too.

After dinner we went back to the hotel where I had hoped to watch a movie and order from the “pillow menu.” Yes, there was a brochure on our bed that said we could order our pillows for the night! They had side sleeper, tummy sleeper…you know those kinds. But I passed out before then. I woke up sad I didn’t get to call and ask for, “one of each.”

I don’t know how my parents managed it, but we had the “prestige” room. Not sure what that meant, but we did get a free glass bottle of Evian water and a chocolate. You bet I took all the cool toiletries too. I bet “prestige” meant we got to order our pillows. Oh it had robes and slippers too. Actually, I’m wearing those slippers now. Bahaha…

We got a phone call in the morning that they managed to get us on a flight home for that day, so we drove around a bit before we had to head to the airport. We found the same little coffee drive thru we found in Kalgoorlie when we drove cross country. It’s called One for the Road and it’s the first real decent coffee Hubs has had since that drive. Haha. Unfortunately Karratha hasn’t hit the nail on the head with their coffee joints yet. Hopefully soon. But this little place is great! They have smoothies and other drinks too. Closest thing to Starbucks drive thru. Oh Starbucks how I miss thou. 

You know how hubs and I make pretty big life decisions in our life?


Setting: Cannington Westfield Carousal Mall right outside the Smiggle store (for those of you who don’t know Smiggle, check out the link, it’s awesome! It’s school/office supplies on crack.)
“I love this place!” -Me with a giant smile on my face looking around the mall and all it’s people
“Want to move here?” – Hubs looked down at me while he hugged me
“Yes…Do you?” – Me
“It’s settled. We’re moving to Perth.” – Hubs

And that ladies and gentleman is how we make decisions in our relationship. Lol

We’ve been through so much, so many obstacles, mountains and valleys that a decision like this is nothing to us. We don’t drag these things out anymore, we don’t stress over making the perfect decision. For the first time in our lives, going through so much crap has made other decisions in life so simple. It really is simple. The place felt like a breath of fresh air for us, and we’re learning not sweat the small stuff.

We said we would travel around until we found a place that we could call home. And while Karratha has been great and we are meeting great people, the possibility of one of us finding a job with housing here is slim. And I cannot reason paying $1,700+ a WEEK for rent. So we figured once I get my visa and I’m able to work, I will look for jobs in Perth. Plus I want to work for a university, and I couldn’t do that in Karratha. For now we’ll stay in Karratha while Hubs works his current job, and hopefully he can get into the web design business here. Even living in Perth in the future, he can still fly back in to Karratha to see clients if the web design takes off which I think it will once he gets a few clients. It’s a small town, and once something good hits it like that, it’ll pick up fast. Good thing about word of mouth sometimes.

If only my visa would hurry! Oh how it would be so nice to have two incomes and enough money to pay all the bills, have a savings and a home of our own. It really it about the little things. The things most people take for granted, they have become something we dream of.

I know it will all happen in the right time.

I’m just glad we are enjoying the people in Karratha (as we are house sitting for an awesome couple for the week) and I can’t wait until we can have a home of our own that we can have people over too. Where we can share the joy, sadness, laughter and gifts of other people around a BBQ and a family dining room table that is open to all. Where our friends and family can come to visit, and where we can eventually start a family. One day we will have a home of our own.

At the moment I can imagine home being Perth for Australia and of course the smoggy IE will always be home in Cali 😉

*I didn’t get to take many photos because although I brought the camera, I forgot the memory cards and only had the memory card the last day we were there which we only had time to drive around…


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