Hearson’s Cove, Western Australia

So it looks like the hard drive probably won’t be able to be saved… unless some miracle happens. There is a service where you can send in such things for some special recovery, but that easily costs $1,000…regardless of whether or not they even recover anything. Talk about using people for their emotions!

It’s like funeral homes trying to con you into buying their pretty note card package with an album for $150 to go with the pearlized casket dear grandma will soon lie in. When someone or “something” in this case dies, it’s as if people are like… *insert minion voice here* “Muah hahaha how can we bank off the vulnerable emotional state of these fools?”

Considering the photos from our entire trip are on there on top of countless of other photos along many other important web design business things *ahem that may or may not be backed up, I thought my hubby was super techy and did this kind of thing!* Anywho, you live and you learn, and just like everything else in life, stressing over something you cannot change is entirely useless people!

So, if you can do something about it, DO IT. If you can’t, get over it. Accept it’s for a reason.

The other night we went out to Hearson’s Cove to see “Staircase to the Moon.”

According to the Pilbara Coast Website:

“Staircase to the Moon is a spectacular natural phenomenon in the northern region of Western Australia (WA). On the West Pilbara Coast it can be experienced at Cossack Lookout and Hearson’s Cove, near Karratha.

Occurring on full moon dates, from April to October along the coast of northern WA, the Staircase to the Moon is a beautiful optical illusion. Only created when the full moon reflects on exposed mudflats at extremely low tide, it forms a magical staircase reaching up to the moon.”

It’s just one of those must do things! So, with it only occurring 3 days out of the month, Hubs and I went on Monday night. We followed the time on the sheet, and it says 6:31 p.m.

So for anyone who plans on going in the future, that’s the time the sun sets, that’s not the time you actually see the Staircase to the Moon appear. Actually…we stayed to about 7:45 p.m. gave up and went home because A. We were hungry, and B. We were over it. Because everyone parks on the beach facing the ocean (the road literally drops you off to the near tip of the ocean) we were there so early we were one of the first. It wasn’t busy, but more cars came as it got later.

Now listen carefully when I say there are plenty of places to park. There is a whole beach to pull your car into. Most cars parked a good 20 feet away from each other. Except, this car load pulls up next to us on the passenger side and parks, right next to us. RIGHT next to us. Hubs and I were like, “Really?”

By now it was dark. Mind you, when you’re out waiting to see the moon and natural light, light up the ocean you don’t turn extra lights on. Like the light in your car or parking lights. These 4 muppets next to us were trying to apparently get situated inside of the car turning lights on and off obliviously to the fact that A. They’re the only ones distracting those around them with movement and lights and B. I could reach my hand out of the window and touch their car, they were that bloody close! 

I kept looking over waiting for someone to look my way so I could get their attention to tell them to move. Because really, it was uncalled for close in a beach full of space. Hubs said if they didn’t move he would get out and tell them too.

But we didn’t get the chance. Coast + beach + ocean = wind. Numnut in the passenger backside of the car next to us decided to open her door before the rest of them and of course the wind blew her door open extremely hard and smacked our car. The car that has traveled a 5,500+ km trip without a single mark and is only 8 months old with absolutely no dings or dents. It wasn’t a love tap, it was a BAM! Hubs flew out of the car so fast with some not nice words. Seriously, you’ve got to be kidding me.

They were just completely oblivious to anything around them. I wonder if they even saw our car when they pulled in to begin with Not sure how they couldn’t, it’s electric blue. Especially when your headlights light up the color when you drive in.

They say, “Ohhhhh, we sorry!” and the dude reverses his car and moves to the opposite side of us now on my husbands side. Okay? Mind you, they are now flashing their headlights on another peaceful car in front of them. (Hubs and I couldn’t help but laugh at how distracting they were, they just made a scene everywhere they went.) I get out of the car, flash the phone light on the car and sure enough a white scratch and a dent is on the door.

I walk over to their car and tell them, “You scratched our car door…” and I’m looked at by 4 sets of eyes of people who don’t speak English and are like, “Huh?!?!” Hubs got their information, the dudes international drivers license and they don’t have insurance. I don’t think extra insurance is required here…I think when your car is registered it covers a limited amount in accidents of some sort Hubs was trying to explain, we have insurance. But of course it’s not worth putting in a claim on ours.

Hubs and FIL were able to buff out the scratch mostly, but there is a dent that can be seen especially when the sun hits it. Honestly, with them having no insurance there’s not much we can do. It’s one of those frustrating things because we weren’t the careless ones. We purposefully parked back in this case to stay away from cars and are uber careful and try to take care of the car, but someone else’s carelessness can ruin it. It’s one of those things you can’t do anything about. At the end of the day there isn’t much we can, so there is no use getting worked up over it. It’s just annoying!

After it was all over and we were sitting there still waiting to see the Staircase, Hubs was like, “these things come in threes.” Great!

Then last night after dinner I remembered, “That was number 3! The exploding desk, the fried MacBook and now the door dent. We’re done.” FIL agreed and we all smiled in relief.

So, now that I whined and winged, here are some photos I took before the sun fully went down at Hearson’s Cove as we waited for the Staircase to the Moon, that we never actually saw. We have one more month to catch it, October. So we’re going to find out more information and see what time it actually appears and be better prepared. And yes, it was a clear night but I had no idea where the bloody moon was!

Now here is some eye candy, a beach made of seashells instead of sand and the tide that was way out. I was so amazed by the se shells! It wasn’t sand, it was pure shells everywhere. I’d never seen anything like that. Since the tide was way out, we saw some guys at the other end of the cove who looked like they were walking on water. While we didn’t see the Staircase to the Moon, we did get to see our beautiful West Coast sunset. As a Cali girl, I absolutely appreciate the beauty in the West Coast sunset.


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