Road Trip Recap: From New South Wales to Western Australia

We did it! We accomplished what most native Aussies and tourists never get to experience. Driving across the Australia, including across the real Outback and crossing the Nullarbor.

Our original Great Aussie Outback Adventure Road Trip Map looked like this:


Our original road map included over night stops at:

Day 1: Broken Hill, NSW
Day 2: Ceduna, South Australia
Day 3: Caiguna, Western Australia
Day 4: Esperance, Western Australia
Day 5: Bunbury, Western Australia
Day 6: Carnarvon, Western Australia
Day 7: Karratha, Western Australia

…and this is what it looked like after we actually completed the drive with a few modifications. It turned out a bit different that the original, and we got there a day ahead of time.


Our actual route turned out to be: (click on the day to be taken to that days blog post)

Day 1: Broken Hill, NSW
Day 2: Ceduna, South Australia
Day 3: Norseman, Western Australia
Day 4: Geraldton, Western Australia
Day 5: Carnarvon, Western Australia
Day 6: Karratha, Western Australia

…for a total of 5,154 kilometers driven over 6 days.

***Click the links to see the accommodations we stayed at or where we stopped for takeaway food along our trip and what we thought.

After all is said and done, and I even believed this while we were driving across the country, this drive was the best road trip I have ever been on. It was by far the best trip we could have asked for with absolutely no complications whatsoever. It was an easy drive, plenty to see…and honestly we never got bored.

It was a stunning view the whole way, and we were fortunate enough to get to see lots of green along the way thanks to previous rain.

the whole trip we had the most perfect weather. Blue clear skies the entire trip, except for one bout of 15 minutes of rain while crossing the Nullarbor that quickly cleared up.


It was an amazing experience and I would do it all over again in a heart beat. Granted, who knows if the trip would ever turn out as good as it did the first time…and going in Winter I think helped heaps. We expected it to get hot once we crossed into the WA border, but honestly every time we got out of the car up until the very last day I kept putting my hoodie on because it was cool. Not too sure if I would want to make the drive in the dead set of Summer… but then again, you would have a lot more hours of sunlight.

I would recommend to anyone and everyone to make the drive. You get to see Australia and it’s towns in so many different ways it’s incredible. There are a lot of similarities, and of course a lot of differences. The Outback life is completely different than the city life of Sydney.


If anything, it was such a peaceful drive. I’m used to getting annoyed by drivers on a daily basis. I don’t think once that me or the hubs felt like cursing another car. It was amazing to be on the open road with such few cars to be able to cruise along and truly enjoy the experience. And once we got outside of New South Wales, I don’t think we ever hit a pot hole the rest of the way. The road was in great condition.

Now that was just another adventure in our first year of marriage. We’ve had more ups than downs in our time together thus far, but this is a memory that we will cherish forever and be able to share with our kids one day. And hopefully take them on the drive as well!



Since hubs has lived all over Australia, this drive literally completes him driving around the entire perimeter of the whole country. How amazing is that? There’s a bit he could do along the Perth coast down south in Western Australia, but truly, he’s driven everywhere!

Now our hope is for me to eventually complete the drive and head North then back East and down again. How cool would it be to travel the entire country? It’s a heaps big country too. Similiar to the US just flipped upside down.

Next, we’ll have to drive around all of America! Knowing our crazy life, we’ll end up having to do it for one reason or another later in life. Lol


Hope you enjoyed our adventure. I plan to go through more photos on my own once we remember where hubs actually stored them and post some randomly as time goes on.

If you happen to come across this and are traveling the parts we went through, don’t be afraid to ask any questions. Honestly if you are planning a trip across, there are plenty of places to stop for gas, get food and stop over for the night- and there are heaps of rest stops the whole way.

With that said, unless you want to spend a bajillion dollars, take snacks and drinks. If we were to do it again, I wouldn’t bring as much food as I did, but I would still take enough for Breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks for the entire drive. Dinner can easily be had a pubs, road houses and fast food. Plus if you’re having long days in the car, a shower and food cooked by someone else is all you’ll want.


I’m not a professional at this, this is just our experience- but just be safe and be smart! We still carried plenty of water for us and the car, along with two things (I don’t know what they’re called) full of gas. Never used them, but better to be safe than sorry!

Happy travels!


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