Road Trip: Day 5 – Carnarvon, Western Australia

Day Five. Geraldton, Western Australia to Carnarvon, Western Australia. 480 Kilometers.


Guess what?

I have absolutely NO photos of day five. I know, sad face.

Hubs ended up getting a really bad cold the day before and was miserable the night we were in Geraldton. Hence my lovely drive and experience around Geraldton at night trying to find a pharmacy open without any prevail.

So we continued on our trek on day five, but were told under no uncertain terms to drive the full 1,112 kilometers to Karratha, since I would have to be the one driving the full day. With Nate being sick, and the fact that our journey would take us another good 12 hours worth of driving we would end up driving into the evening which is a no-no because of the wildlife.

So we made the 4 hour journey to Carnarvon instead. Carnarvon, or as I would like to call it, “God’s waiting room.”

Because I was driving and hubs had a killer fever and was only half conscious most of the drive and still hadn’t been able to take any meds yet, there was no one to take photos. I’m sorry! Honestly, it was just desert. You didn’t miss much. The road had the same ole roadhouses every couple hundred of miles. I do remember stopping and getting Powerade for hubs at one, and the lady being really nice! Then when we drove back onto the road there being a homemade sign saying, “drive safe” and something about “enjoying your trip.” That’s what kind of people seem to be in WA. They all seem to be really relaxed!

Carnarvon was another oceanside town with 8 billion caravan parks, and about 1/8th car vs. RV ratio. I’m still trying to remember if I saw anyone younger than us the whole day we were there!

We got into Carnarvon around noon and went straight to the pharmacy where we bought some meds, then went straight to the caravan park to check in. Once hubs was settled, I went back into “town” to get some more meds,  juices and Powerades.

Even the carts from Woolworths were from the dinosaur age and barely moved. Actually, they had little dinos as wheels huffing and puffing to get you down the isle.

Actually, I wouldn’t know because the carts were that terrible and rusted (could this be considered antique?) that I gave up in trying to push one and held a hand basket full of bottles. You know, showing off I have muscles and all.

This was the first and only day we actually spent not driving the full time. You know what, it was actually really nice! After I came back from the shops, I set up camp on the couch and watched half a season of Bethenny Ever After, made lunch and cleaned out the car while hubs was coming around back to being human again.

I went out and got dinner later that evening, and we spent the rest of the night watching movies. It was a really good day! I completely forgot to even take any photos of the town once we got there I was so focused on making sure hubs fever was going down, otherwise I threatened him 15 times that I would take him to the hospital. But between medicine, liquids, soup & crackers and about 10 cool showers, he finally started to come around a bit.

The town looked a bit more beachy than the rest. It had lots of palm trees, and I noticed lots of farms off the main street to buy fresh fruit! I did notice lots of banana trees. The main street had mainly caravan parks and fruit stands. I was tempted to stop and get fresh fruit, but you all know how well fruit traveled with us along the trip so I didn’t give in this time, even if we weren’t leaving the state.

From Googling “Carnarvon, Wa” it looks like it has some nice beaches! I guess I should have gone out exploring that day, huh?

The joke between hubs and I is that all the snowbirds travel here to pick out their plots. Definitely had a retirement home feel! I mean that in the nicest of ways 😉

*Click the links to see the accommodations we stayed at or where we stopped for takeaway food along our trip and what we thought.


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